Sales and Marketing Solutions

LATS offers practical solutions to ensure your business connects and converts to a diverse range of international visitor markets.

Activities include:

  • Expert representation in Western & Eastern markets (including China, UK /Europe, Japan, North America & South East Asia)

  • Pricing and distribution considerations

  • Innovative strategies that convert Free Independent Traveller’s (FITs)

  • Amplifying conversions of contracted Online Travel Agents (OTAs)

  • Pitching your product to International Tour Operators (ITOs)

  • Effective trade show representation

  • Dazzling the international media

  • Partnering with Tourism Australia and Visit Victoria.

Business and Product Development


Director George Josevski built his previous small group tour company over 20 years providing day tours to 47 partner attractions in eight regions across Australia.

During that time, the tour business provided uniquely Australian visitor experiences to more than 55,000 international FITs annually. Reliable daily tour itineraries scheduled throughout the year, provided a steady stream of high yielding off peak visitation to attractions, accommodation and activities in Metro and Regional Australia.

The LATS team brings a wealth of market awareness applying astute gap analysis to identify strengths and opportunities to inform product development and planning for tourism businesses.

Tours and Shuttle Services



Providing transfers and tours from metro areas for both visiting journalists and international agents or linking similar products within a region to provide tailored transport solutions is a specialised service available from the experienced LATS team.

Our qualified tour guides offer the skills needed to build effective itineraries and ensure the tourism experience complements your tourism business from start to finish.

Digital Content Creation and Search Engine Optimisation



Keep your website content fresh, relevant and able to be found easily by all the top search engines. 

With so much competition online to get to the top of page one you need to keep your website constantly updated with fresh content and make sure that even the broadest search term will allow the end user to come across your business. The team at LATS can create the content you need whether audible, visual or written that gets people to your page and keeps them there! We can also make sure that your site is in tip top shape and ready to be discovered by your eager customers.